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Nepal job fair is dedicated to all the job seekers, Employers and the Nepalese youths who are planning to become successful in their career. This event provides a mutual platform for all the people who are thinking to start entrepreneurship or self-employment for the first time in Nepal.

For this event If you are an Employer,

It’s purely a HR & Employment event, where the employers within the country or even from the overseas can get an access to:

  • You will be able to access a CV pool of more than 150,000 Nepali job seekers.
  • We will provide you CV screening support.

    Choosing the best candidate for a job vacancy is a difficult task. With our CV screening support, you will be able to choose the best employee for the position you are offering. To find the best candidate we will help you select the best candidate by scanning their CVs with the goal to bring a qualified and top jobseeker to your company. This will also save your precious time.

  • You will get to hire on the spot.

    With a CV pool of 150,000, the chances are that you will encounter many job seekers who are best at their fields of work. You will be able to recruit and hire the best candidate on the spot. This opportunity will help you bring skilled manpower to your company.

  • We will organize Physical and Virtual Interviews for you.

    Whether you stay overseas or outside the Kathmandu valley, we will organize virtual interviews at your favorable time to help you find the best employee for your company. Also, if you are willing to meet your future employee physically, we will have the time and place ready for you to interview the best candidate.

  • You can post your Job vacancy for free.

    As you register as an Employer, for the year 2021 you will be able post job vacancies for free.

  • We are also offering the world class HR and recruitment services for free.

    If you become a registered employee at Nepal job Fair, we will select the best candidate for any job you post at any time for the entire year of 2021.

For Nepal Job Fair if you are a Job Seeker,

We invite Employers to join us as a “Registered Employer” without any registration fees and enjoy the world class HR & recruitment services for the entire year of 2021.Nepal Job Fair 2021 brings a huge employment opportunity to the Job Seekers, the entire services are free of cost. Once a job seeker enters to the portal, he/she can:

  • You will get to enter into various job options as per your skill.

    You never know what you are qualified for. As different fields of employers will be the part of Nepal Job Fair, you will be able to choose the job that is best for you.

  • You will get the opportunity to participate in the instant job placement session.

    While you enter this event, we will organize interviews with the employers you favor for you to be hired instantly. This is an instant hiring activity.

  • You can participate in idea sharing and panel discussion sessions.

    You will get the opportunity to learn and share innovative ideas with business professions.

  • We will help you prepare for your interview session

    You will get free lessons on how to do better in your interviews. Apart from that you will also get the opportunity to participate in a grooming session for the hiring event.

If you are interested in Self-employed business and youth entrepreneurship program,

  • We will provide you with start up support.

    If you are a young business’s owner or if you have a startup plan for a self-employed business, we will give suggestions and ideas which will increase your opportunities as a young entrepreneur.

  • You will be given all kinds of Ready-to-go projects for small or medium size business.

    Whether you have a small or medium or small and medium business we will give you the business model of a project so that you do not have to waste your time on huge ideas.

  • We will give you Finance and set up supports

    If you have an innovative idea for a business but you don’t have a partner to put your idea in action, we will provide you the financial support as well as set up support for you to become a successful entrepreneur.

  • You will be provided with Expert’s advice.

    Young entrepreneurs go through several dilemmas on whether or not they made the right decision for business deals. To help you overcome your dilemma, you will get to take advice from experienced business owners who will advise you for free.

Event Activities

We are having four major events for five days where we will conduct exciting activities.

Job placement Session

This session is for all the domestic and international Employers. You will definitely enjoy hiring the best candidate for your company. You will also have the following benefits:

  • Access to 150,000+ updates CV to source the manpower
  • CV screening support to select the best employee from the HR team of the event as per the employer’s manpower requirement
  • Opportunity to promote organization’s brand in a wider range.
  • Get candidates lined up for both Physical & Virtual interview program with the support from the HR team
  • Fully equipped interview venue along with the supporting staffs
  • Get support to the hiring process (for both domestic & foreign employers)

Youth Entrepreneurship competition

We invite all Nepalese youths to come up with their Innovative ideas to start a small or medium Size business within the country. The shortlisted proposals shall be entitled as the participants and shall be given the following benefits:

  • The registration for this competition is free
  • The best proposal shall be awarded with Nrs.1,00,000 cash prize and a prestigious trophy
  • We will also offer financial support to those candidates of this competition with the most innovative ideas

Panel Discussion Sessions

We have organized panel discussions with experts on job related topics. Targeting youth audiences, we have invited Industrialists, youth leaders and the experts from the employment sectors for the panel discussion to connect the participants through the physical attendance and the virtual conferences.

The registration for this participation is free. You will get to know the insights from the following topics:

  • Topic-1: Youth Entrepreneurship: Motivation Factors for startups.
  • Topic-2: Job Search: Importance of Career Trainings and pre-employment grooming
  • Topic-3: Agriculture: Opportunities for the new employments & entrepreneurship
  • Topic-4: Usage of Technologies in the Employment process
  • Topic-5: Disciplined & Ethical Recruitment

HR Excellence Awards Session

We invite the employers, corporate houses and HR enthusiasts to share their HR practices to the job fair, and a jury team of the experts will evaluate these practices and confirm the winner for the year for her/his excellent HR skills.

The Registration for the participation is also free. This event aims to share the best HR practices to develop the disciplined, Innovative and ethical HR practices to the entire HR departments of the employers and corporate houses in Nepal.

Apply For Job

We invite Nepalese youths to join the Nepal Job Fair as a Job Seeker, where you can apply for the job of your dream job.

    Benefits to the Job Seekers:
  • Get access to 3000+ Jobs.
  • Participate in Job placement sessions to get hired instantly.
  • Please drop your cv by clicking button below.

    Our Job Vacancies

    We have numbers of vacancies provided by our top employers. You can get access to all our vaccancies.Please click the button below.

Our Campaigns

Campaign For Nepal Job Fair

ICT Staffing

Nepal Job Fair introduces ICT Development and staffing campaign. In this sub-event, we aspire to connect innovative ideas and manpower of tech and communications world to get a platform as well as support from the top-level tech and communication corporate houses from Nepal.

Career Opportunity for Persons with Disablities

Nepal Job Fair is here to reduce the gap between the job seekers from the differently abled community and the employers. Nepal Job Fair wants to connect the differently abled persons to the employers. We want to focus on your abilities rather than your disabilities.



Panchakumari Mandir, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu


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